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Use the frying pan
1. first use pans, are advised to use a mild detergent and clear water nature Xiguo body with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use detergent or a corrosive effect any rough metal scrubber or a rag, so as not to scratch the surface a nonstick pan itself.
2. To make the new pot is the best candidate status, can be spread over the oil pan, and then a small torch Heat pan, then wipe. To wipe enabled.
3. First time, there may be a little smoke and smell smoke, this is a normal situation.
4. The use of this pan when cooking, make sure there are no obstructions around the cooking zone, in order to avoid rollover pot body obstructed.
5. Always make sure there is no residue in the oil drip pan, so as not to accidentally spill rollover pot body.
6. Always make sure that the inner and outer two vents are not blocked.
7. When the flip pans, pot body shall ensure that each is duly sealed and latching.
8. This pot is the use of thermally conductive material made of superior quality, so no need to use fire when cooking, just a small flame can be.
9. Be sure to put the stove in the middle of the pan stability, not tipping to one side.
10. Flip the pan should adopt a slightly oblique angle rotating pot body, in order to avoid the pot liquid overflow from the exhaust port.

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