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Wok to use
Wok can be easily damaged. Therefore, when using the wok, you should note the following seven:
1, bought a new wok, you need to brush some hard brush; pot wall having fine pores and water absorption, the pot can be filled with water for 3 to 5 minutes, then wash dry and set aside. Note, however, soaking time not too long. Wok on the fire burn things before, but also the appearance of a pot of water dry. When bought a new wok for the first time, it is best used for porridge, or use it to cook a boiled rice water to plug the fine pores casserole, to prevent water seepage.
2, with wok soup, stew, first turn on the water to the wok, wok then placed on the fire, first with a slow fire, then stir; when positive wok soup pot burn things if less , you need to add water, avoid cold water, add warm or hot water; at the same time, can not spill soup pot, the pot to prevent outside wet and burst.
3, if you are using coal stove heated with coal bottom wok to prevent offset.
4, wok brittle and easily broken, should be used gently.
5, just run out of hot frying pan, preferably on the hob or dry wood or straw, not on the wetlands, tile or concrete floor, or sudden changes in temperature, wok easily burst.
6, do not use the wok boiled viscous Gaozi food.
7, wok inner wall color should not be stored in the wine, vinegar and acidic beverages and foods.
8, special materials wok, frying pan until cool before cleaning. But not soaked with detergent, avoid sewage into the pores in the wok, how to wash also washed away. Wok until the washing water is completely dry before they can close up, or it may take longer to mold spots.

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