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Matters must be noted that the use of non-stick
nonstick why not make acidic foods?
Fluoride expert, Deputy Secretary General of the Professional Committee of China Non-metallic materials Corrosion and Protection Society, Institute of Chemical Engineering, Shandong University professor wins from tube, he said: "There is a birth defect of PTFE is its bond strength is not high, Teflon non-stick coating is not completely covered, there are always parts of the bare metal surface acidic substances that can corrode metal body, the body will be expanded once the corrosion, thereby opening up the coating, causing the coating off a large area. The Ministry of Health standards is developed based on this principle. "Professor tube also believes that" the coating is mainly used for anti-sticking, just spray a thin layer, plus combined insecure, with a shovel cooking is certainly not ʱ??
What is the acidic food?
"Acidic foods include meat, eggs, sugar, rice and other." Professor Yu Kang Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, director of nutrition for acidic foods do explain, food is acidic or alkaline, and not to the taste to distinguish between, but through scientific means to detect the type and quantity of elements contained in food to make judgments. Many daily consumption of food is acidic foods.
Non-stick pan
Non-stick pan
All non-stick can not make acidic foods?
Institute of Metal Research, State Key Laboratory for Corrosion and Protection director Wang will represent the material depends on the pot may be used.
On the market of non-stick pot is mainly three kinds of material:
Aluminum alloy, the surface layer of thick alumina;
Stainless steel, the surface layer of chromium oxide, corrosion resistance strong, corrosion is slow;
Iron, iron can easily be corrosive acid large area, so that the coating off. Wang stressed: "With the manufacture of non-stick corrosive metal such as iron, can not make acidic foods with anti-corrosive metal non-stick pan, try not to make acidic foods.."
Using nano-ceramic as a non-stick coating, regardless of what kind of pot use does not corrode metal can achieve the effect, you can rest assured that the production of acidic foods.

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